My Day in Manchester NH

Manchester is a beautiful area in New England. I would highly recommend anyone who lives nearby or appreciates nature to travel there and take in the scenery. There are so many different things to see and do over there. I made the hike up not too long ago and really enjoyed myself. Manchester offered a lot of things. It offered beautiful lakes, forest-filled scenery, and fresh air. I’ll tell you about my recent trip there to give you an idea.


When I arrived to Manchester, I visited the great Massabesic Lake. The lake is a very treasured part of the city. In addition to be a great place to explore, it’s also a very important part of its ecosystem. Massabesic Lake is where all the drinking water for Manchester comes from. People aren’t allowed to swim or or partake in activities such as water skiing, where exhaust from the engines could pollute the water. I was, however, to ride on a sailboat from one of the locals. There I was able to catch fish and actually drink some of the purest water I had ever had in my life.


Manchester also has a great museum known as the Currier Museum of Art. In this museum, there are American and European art pieces ranging from paintings to sculptures. They are truly beautiful and contribute to the fact that Manchester is a beautiful city.

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